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Kelly Tipton - Mindset Coaching

Hi, I'm Kelly Tipton.

Most of my adult life I lived thinking if I could just find the perfect diet I would have the perfect body and then I would be worthy of live the life I always wanted.

My idea about dieting was always success or failure, the option to be in the middle didn’t exist.

Either I was on plan and doing great, or I was off and miserable.


Those thoughts and feelings didn’t serve me.

Can you believe I wasted 10 years trying to be perfect, just to never be satisfied!

It was through thought work and coaching that I realized I was already living the life I wanted. I was like, HEY GIRL , stop thinking you have to conform to this diet culture! It was then that I found freedom and was able to create my own happiness. 

When I started to slow down, pay attention to what was going on in my mind, I became aware. There were so many stories I told myself that simply weren’t true. I started to unravel my own ideas about a perfect diet and perfect body. It was from there I began to strive for better and how I found self-acceptance and that was the secret to happiness.


It is how I created a radiant life!

Kelly Tipton - Life Coach

My Story

From anxiety and guilt

to self-improvement to self-acceptance mindset.

I found relief when I learned how to manage

my mind and process emotions.

And that's when the magic happened...

I was less tired and more energetic.

I was thinking clearer.

I stopped people pleasing.

The option of what I was doing was enough, became my reality.


My body was stronger and my skin was glowing.

I found freedom in creating my own beliefs about who I was, how I looked at food, my body and my life.


When I stopped dieting and over exercising, I met the beautifully radiant woman I am today.


Kelly is amazing. Her coaching is more than just talking about food and fitness, but it's really a journey of self discovery. I found myself really digging deep to find a better understanding of myself, my wants, my needs and how to achieve them. I was certainly surprised by the experience. I thought we were going to count macros and calories burned, but it's so much more than that.


After one of our sessions, I had an island playdate at a water park planned for the kids. I had been discouraged the morning of because I was not thrilled about wearing a bathing suit in public. Let me tell you, after our session, I hit that water park and all the slides with an exuding confidence that was really able to shine through because of the work I did with Kelly in that session. So, if you're in search of some self-growth, give it a go!


-Sara B.

Find out more

I help you deal with guilt and anxiety so you can finally enjoy the life you always wanted to live.


If you feel like life is slipping away and you’re tired of

wrestling with the scale, jumping from diet-to-diet, binge eating, or how you feel in your clothes...

 let’s talk. 

Click below and find out how to put yourself first.

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