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You know there’s something more for you.

You know you want to feel better, you just don’t know where to start. 


You’re tired of constantly doubting yourself, you avoid making decisions and you are always pleasing others. You feel exhausted, rushing from one thing to another and never seeming to be present. First feeling in the morning is anxiety and overwhelm because you have so much to do and can’t figure out how to manage your time.


It’s time to step into your future self and pursue your best life. 


You want more clarity of mind and you want to feel more self-confident, calm and magnetic in your own skin.


As a mindset coach, I help clients learn to feel and experience their emotions. I teach them how to process negative emotions like anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm instead of avoiding them.


I will help you learn to make better decisions, understand your emotions and successfully reach your goals.

Ready For Change 

Radiant Living Program


If you’re tired of avoiding negative feelings like anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm join me in 1-on-1 private coaching program. 


My program is all about directing the mind and looking at success in a different way. 

• 12 private sessions

• Create awareness of your past, present and future.

• Manage your time and learn to make decisions.

• Find balance in your personal and work life.

• Create self-confidence.

• Breathing techniques to boost clarity.

• Techniques & tools for everyday conscious living.

• Support between sessions.

When we work together, you will learn how to make healthy decisions for your mental well-being. You’ll naturally feel more confident, calm and magnetic in your own skin.

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Kelly Tipton Radiant Living Program

This program IS for you if:

  • Have feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm.

  • Have a hard time making decisions and managing your time. 

  • Ready to take charge of your life and stop people pleasing. 

  • You want to create more self-confidence.

  • Have a goal you want to successfully reach. 

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not willing to put in time and work in to achieve results.

  • You want someone to tell you what’s right or wrong with you.

  • Looking for a quick fix for your problems. 

  • You’re struggling with mental illness and trauma. 

Book some time with me. 

I offer 30 minute free calls to get to know you, your goals 

and talk about how you can make that happen. 


Contact Me

If you feel like life is slipping away and you’re looking for help,

but just don’t know where to start,

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