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A 6-week, group coaching container for overwhelmed moms.

November 1 - December 20, 2023

Gold Dust Sparkles
Gold Dust Sparkles

Secretly Fantasizing About Escaping The Holiday Chaos?

This Year, You Can Ditch the “Hallmark Christmas” Illusion, Slow Down, and Create Memories that Matter.


You do love the holidays...

The twinkling lights everywhere you look, the freshly baked gingerbread cookies, the annual Home Alone marathons cuddled up on the couch with your kids…it feels magical! But the thought of...

• Dipping into your precious savings to buy gifts for extended family and everyone at the office, just because they always give you a gift…


• Having to attend every family event even though you’d rather be relaxing at home in your pj’s than dealing with your sister’s drama (again) – dreading going but feeling bad saying “no”…

• Spending 3 hours making sure your whole family looks pristine from head to toe and the inevitable meltdowns, arguments, and fights before you even get your foot out the door…

…Makes you want to board a plane and escape to the Caribbean until January, just like the Kranks.

Holiday Comfort and Coaching

You wish the holidays didn’t have

to feel so overwhelming.

And guess what?

They DON’T!

The truth is, what you choose to do – and not do – during the holidays, is entirely up to you. Your spouse and your kids don’t need you to create the “perfect” Christmas. All they need is a mom and a wife who is present. As cheesy as it sounds, they need your love and attention – not a fully decked out home, picture-perfect outfits, and tons of expensive gifts. Your sanity and mental health matter more than all the razzle-dazzle in the world!


What if you could slow down and savor the holiday season instead of speeding from one festivity to the next, always feeling stressed out and behind?


-Rosie A.

“Kelly was highly effective at listening to my needs and providing the emotional support I needed.  For myself, she has been more successful at helping create real, reachable strategies that I can continue using and implementing in my day-to-day life. She truly understands the body-mind connection, especially for moms who have so many things going on at once and has offered wonderful support. I am deeply grateful. Kelly is an absolutely wonderful coach and I highly recommend her!”

Cozy Comfortable Calm Stress-free Life

What if, instead of chaotic and out-of-control, this season felt stress-free, calm, and truly joyous?


• Being fully present and delighting in the moments instead of constantly feeling rushed, trying to “stay ahead”, and thinking about what’s next on the calendar


• Having the time to pause and practice self-care – like sipping homemade hot chocolate by the fireplace with your husband, soaking in a warm salt bath by candlelight, or cuddling up with a mystery novel and a cup of steaming apple cider


• Feeling calm and collected all season long because you have finally ditched your perfectionism, people-pleasing tendencies, and comparisonitis (while feeling fully supported in your decisions) – no more reluctantly saying “Yes” when you actually want to say “No thanks!” and enjoy a cozy night in.

You want the “perfect” holiday…but your “Keep-Up-With-The-Joneses” mentality is giving you the opposite result.


What if the “perfect” holiday means finally saying “No” and doing what YOU want to do?

Christmas Tree Decorated with Gold
Christmas Holiday Calming Background

Instead Of...

→ Stressing about having to attend 14 different events that require preparing meals, outfits, and gifts

→ Lashing out at your husband and kids purely out of stress and making everyone walk on eggshells around “Momzilla”

→ Making the 3-hour drive to that obligatory family Thanksgiving dinner that has you thinking “Why did I even come?” every year

→ Blowing past your holiday budget and nearly dropping when you see your bank statement come January

You Could Be...

→ Confidently setting boundaries and doing what feels good to you and your family (even if it means saying “no”) without feeling bad and wondering if you’re wrong for turning people down

→ Creating memories your kids will remember in 10 years without draining your bank account and desperately trying to make every detail “perfect”

→ Letting go of the expectations of other people and skipping out on the family drama that leaves you feeling emotionally exhausted

→ Feeling like you and your husband are a team when it comes to your holiday budget and plans instead of fighting over your spending and avoiding uncomfortable conversations



- Michelle G

“Investing my money and time in coaching with Kelly was one of the best gifts I’ve given myself. The transformation I received has had a positive ripple effect on my marriage, parenting, and career. I learned how to say yes to myself and stop people-pleasing. Kelly’s coaching helped me overcome limiting beliefs I had and gave me the tools to manage times when I was feeling uncertain and anxious. I would tell anyone who’s thinking of working with her to do it, you won’t regret the investment.”

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Hi, there!
Have we met?

I’m Kelly Tipton, a Certified Mindset Coach.

I used to get moody every year when October hit. The holidays made me feel overwhelmed, so I procrastinated and struggled to make even the smallest decisions.

I would overcommit, neglect myself, people-please, and spend mindlessly all season…

And when it was all over, I felt exhausted, guilty, and stressed.

When I discovered the power of mindset and shifted my beliefs, the holidays became completely different for me. I felt joyful and at peace all season long, and so did my husband and children.


Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of helping women like you overcome self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm and create more fulfilling lives

through the power of mindset work.

Kelly Tipton Success, Life and Mindset Coaching

Your kids won’t remember all the fancy

decorations, the pricey gifts, the holiday parties…


But they’ll remember the small moments when they felt seen, heard, and loved by you.

Holiday Christmas Tree with Lights


November 1 – December 20, 2023


A 6-week, 1:1 coaching container for overwhelmed moms ready to trade holiday chaos for slowness, delight, and intentional presence.


What you will get..

6 Sessions

6 weekly 50-minute private coaching sessions over Zoom. You have the flexibility to book your time!


A personalized holiday blueprint, so you feel prepared, equipped, and know

what’s coming next (and how to deal with it)

A Safe Space

A safe space to talk about your struggles and personal guidance all the way

through the season so you never feel stuck, overwhelmed, or left to deal with

frustrations on your own (no need to nag your husband!)

$1200 Investment for ONLY


Your blueprint for a truly joyous, stress-free holiday season:

Create your personalized plan:

We’ll start by creating a plan for the season. We will decide on what matters to you, what you will and won’t do, your holiday budget, your boundaries, and more. You will feel prepared and fully supported going into the season. Say goodbye to overwhelm!

Prevent family drama:

We will decide ahead of time where you want to spend your holidays and which festivities you aren’t willing to attend – but don’t worry, you will not be alone in this. You’ll get private coaching that will help you feel confident in your decisions, stand your ground, and know how to deal with pushback. I’ve got your back!

Prioritize self-care:

You can’t take care of everyone else’s needs when your own battery is drained. We will create a self-care plan to help you recharge throughout the season so you can show up as your best self for your kids and spouse. No more putting your own needs on the backburner. You deserve this!

Ditch the “Perfect Christmas” mentality:

You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. You don’t have to go “all out”. You don’t have to (actually, you shouldn’t!) ignore your own needs and wants to please other people. It's time to change your mindset from “It’s happening to me” and “I have no choice” to “I get to create the results I want”. In this program, that’s exactly what we’re going to do… Because the truth is, you DO have a choice.

Give yourself the gift of an intentional holiday season that you actually get to enjoy (for once!).

This coaching program
is for you if you:

→ Get mild anxiety just thinking about the holidays. You dread spending the next 3 months trying to keep up with school events, family parties, gift giving, decorating, preparing meals…Help!

→ Want more balance in your holiday season. You want to have fun and enjoy yourself and make meaningful memories with your family without all the pressure and so many responsibilities and expectations

→ Turn into Momzilla this time of year. You don’t mean to – you have the best of intentions! But the stress and overwhelm pile up and leave you feeling irritable and snappy

→ Want to be able to set healthy boundaries and feel confident saying “No” instead of saying “Yes” because you feel bad and then regretting it later. You want to say “Yes” because it’s what YOU want, not because it’s what’s expected of you

→ Want your kids to fondly look back at these years with memories of a joyful, present mom – not a grumpy and stressed one who cared too much about things that weren’t that important in the long run

Mom Life with kid

Ready To Book Your Spot Today?

A 6-week, group coaching container for overwhelmed moms.

November 1 - December 20, 2023

Christmas Tree Decorated Soft Background


I’m worried about pushback from my family if I say “No” to certain things.

How will you help?

Getting pushback from family members is expected. Our coaching calls and mindset work will help you be prepared for any uncomfortable or challenging situations so you can stand your ground and feel confident in your decisions.

I’d love to join, but I’m scared I won’t have time for coaching calls in the

middle of a busy season. What should I do?

It often seems that way when you are already feeling overwhelmed – but I can virtually guarantee that we can find time on your schedule to fit in a 50-minute call once a week. Not only that, but once we begin working together, you will be able to see where you can clear your schedule to make time for things that matter to you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I don’t normally do this, but I know what it’s like to go into the holiday already feeling stressed. You are worthy of investing in yourself, even if it feels indulgent.

What qualifications do you have to coach me?

I am certified with the Life Coach School. I’ve been helping women learn to manage negative emotions like anxiety, self-doubt, and overwhelm through mindset work for 3 years. My clients report feeling more confident, empowered, having more self-love, saying yes to themselves, stopping people-pleasing, and experiencing positive changes in their marriages, parenting, and careers.

Is this for introverted moms who are homebodies?

This is for introverts and extroverts; homebodies and partygoers. You don’t have to

be cooped up in your home all season long and avoid all social events. That is NOT what this is about! This is about creating balance and learning to set boundaries so you can save your energy for things you actually want to do – whether that’s putting on red lipstick and dancing the night away or staying in and watching Elf in your pj’s.

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